What do Top Digital Marketing Companies in UAE do

The physical world and the digital world interaction is getting more personalized, localized and experience focused. And if your company is looking to tap into the sector through digital marketing in UAE then your company needs to either put in extra efforts or hire a digital marketing agency.

The reason for this is because UAE has seen an inertia when it comes to adopting digital solutions. While the growth percentage has been in double digits (from 6% online shoppers in 2014 to 12% in 2015) when it comes to online engagement yet the crude number is relatively lower.

Hence there is a dire need of involving a digital marketing agency for the online marketing solutions and social media campaigns. These agencies would assist in creating a roadmap to entry, growth and survival in the highly competitive, complex and disintegrated digital and social media platforms.

Whether you are reading this article as a young start up or an experienced company, we are going to break down point by point on how a digital marketing agency in UAE would help you realize your goals in customer acquisition, managing brand reputation and creating successful sale conversions.

Creative Hand-holding 

digital marketing in uae
major role of digital marketing agencies in uae

Admit it that your company’s marketing team has actually run into creative bankruptcy. One of the boons of old hat marketing was that the reach of customer was slow. We say it as boon in context to offline marketing professionals. They could literally rip off an implemented idea and use it in their geographical region or to their set of customers without being called as “boring”.

Why did this happen?

This is because the reach was slow & expensive and thus you could reach to only a certain set of customers. The chances of going viral was only due to word of mouth. And we all know that there is no perfect recipe to make that happen every time. So as soon as the Marketing Guys heard about it, they went all out to implement the same method for their company by targeting a new set of customers.

In the world of Social Media, there is only winner and that is “Creativity”. Creativity is everything and should be the focal center for your marketing campaign on digital platforms. If any digital marketing agency in UAE is selling you a prepacked social media package on their websites we suggest you to not to even contact them.

Pushing you out of creative bankruptcy is where a Digital Marketing agency plays a pivotal role.

  • It is no more about writing a 500 word article for content but it is about writing a poetry.
  • It is no more about making another image or a motivational quote with your logo on it but about creating another Picasso masterpiece.
  • Its about the ingenious madness, the psychedelic cult of music and the yearning for newness.

While hiring a digital marketing agency for your business or website, if you don’t get that feeling than take it from us, your success is going to be short lived.

“Be Uncommon”

Data Analysis

With Giga bytes of data flowing in everyday companies are sort of clueless on what and how to analyze stuff. There is no denying that you have traversed the path from collecting data to refining it to segregating it and may have also started generating some reports.

But the BIG question in this BIG Data jungle is how much have you integrated the metrics in understanding your customer’s behavior? Have you been able to correctly map the metrics to your company goals?

We see a clear mismatch when it comes to company’s objectives vs the deliverability of digital marketing agencies. If your goal is conversion through digital marketing then don’t let yourself be fooled by double digit growth in customer acquisition. A customer acquired on any social media platform needs to be directed to your website and converted through a sales pitch.

Cost of acquiring +redirecting + converting < Profit per Customer

A responsible Digital Marketing agency in UAE will set the expectations straight and this is a good way to do business. You need to clearly define your goals and set timelines and budget expectations.

The Prophecy of PREDICTION. There is absolutely nothing that any Digital Marketing company can predict. Most of these analysis are done using Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics to perform analytics such as click analytics, log analysis, web analytics, post click marketing etc. They give you a clear indications on what is happening on your website, when is it happening, why is it happening and how is it happening?

What you need to expect from the agency is that they provide the right metrics for the decided objective. If the objective is to increase viewership then incoming traffic is a good metrics. If the objective is to increase the time spent on website then bounce rate and traffic flow are better metrics.

“Data Determines Destiny”

Digital Optimization

“Optimization” is the word that is the most abused in Digital Marketing & SEO.

Phrases like “100% optimized for Social Media”, “Optimized Social Media Plan”, “Search Engine Optimized content” etc are shoved down company’s throat.

When it comes to Digital Optimization it is only and only about 2 things:

  • Choosing the right platform and then,
  • Delivering relevant content

Choosing the Right Platform for Social Media Marketing

Should my company be active in all the major social media platforms?

NO! You don’t have to be. Well if you want to be then that’s a different story all together but you don’t really need to be.

Having said that, we suggest you to populate your account in every major social media platform but you may selectively choose to be active on the relevant ones.

A Digital Marketing company specializes in operating on different platforms at the same. Using their analytics they understand where the customers are coming from, where does the maximum engagement happens and which platform will be better for the client?

A lot of digital companies will sell you packages of managing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. All platforms managed in just AED 500 per month!

Please DON’T FALL for these packages (read scams).

Yes they are nothing short of scams. Why do you want to be all guns out on LinkedIn if let’s say your business is about a chain of restaurants in Dubai? In this case, it’s good to be on LinkedIn for Social Presence and for Social Signals. But to spend even 10% of your budget into it is a complete waste.

Similarly if you are a B2B service provider then pinning photos on Pinterest should be the least of your worries. For a B2B service provider, the two most important platforms are LinkedIn & Search Engine. As a B2B service provider I would prefer spending 70% of my budget on these platforms. Through LinkedIn I would target decision maker of potential companies and through Search Engine I would rank my website for relevant keywords. The next 20% I would spend on YouTube to make relevant videos about my services and how it would help the potential buyers. Lastly the 10% would be spent on the remaining platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc.

Choosing the right platform to spend your major resources is the 1st step towards creating a successful campaign. If the Digital Marketing agencies in Dubai sell you a packaged deal without even making an effort to understand your business then these are clear indicators of how less the agency understands Digital Marketing.

Delivering the Relevant Content

Once the platform is chosen, the Digital Marketing companies in UAE make an effort to deliver relevant content.

If you want your company to be relevant to your online customers then you need to provide relevant content. Content that is engaging, unique, fresh and generates a call to action. The relevancy also comes from the fact that No Two platforms are same.

You need to have a different approach and hence tailor your social media kit accordingly. The Digital Marketing agencies will have a team of designers, writers and coders who would design creative and “relevant” materials for your company’s social media marketing.

“Selectivity + Relevancy = The New Optimization”

In Social Media age, nothing is forever. The lifecycle of any product has become so short that companies need to have quick entry and a quicker exit.

The demands of the consumer are changing and to identify these demands one needs to study in depth the online trends. Google Trends is one great place to identify the same.

Identifying a popular trend is not about the number of Hashtags in Twitter or number of views on YouTube, it is more about whether the trend identified is relevant to your line of business. Does it really cater to your customer segment? Will association with this new trend generate a positive or a negative response?

Analyzing all these factors and then quickly acting on them to drive mileage out of it is something that one can trust on agencies of Digital Marketing in UAE. Once a suitable trend is identified it is then the process of capitalizing on it begins.

Digital Marketing Plan in UAE
Identifying Trends as part of Digital Marketing

Well that’s a crude timeline between identifying a trend to launching it. The work doesn’t usually end here. Post the launch it is important to analyze and understand the mileage you gain out of it.

Most of the Digital Marketing Agencies rely on A/B Testing and Multi variate testing methods to correctly understand a trend and its impact on the campaign.



“Get Trend Savvy”


Brand Repositioning

One of the major use why websites hire Digital Marketing agencies in UAE is “Effective Brand Repositioning”.

There are lot of well-known agencies that have done this in the past for many major brands that we see today. However in today’s time brand positioning needs to be done in context of Online Brand Reputation management.

The digital marketing agencies have a plethora of tools and infinite amount of ready data that can help them understand the current personality of your business. Post understanding the current personality they develop hypothesis and test new personalities among a smaller audience.

Again it doesn’t involve long questionnaires and endless surveys but simply understanding customer response through click analytics, multivariate testing, on page behavior and heat map analysis. These analytical tests helps them identify the most suitable brand personality for your company.

Once this has been identified, they would then create a 360 degree marketing campaign to ensure that the new brand personality is positioned well in the targeted customer base. A digital marketing company in UAE would essentially help in a smooth transition in repositioning your brand.

“Re-positioning is Branding in Itself”

Complement Internal Resources

A Digital Marketing agency is a perfect complement to your in house marketing team. Your company’s marketing plans need to be in perfect sync with your online strategy. Unless there is a clear integrated effort, your company will not be able to gain the maximum benefit out of it.

Much like the e-commerce industry which has in last few years realized that driving value solely out of a single channel will not be sustainable and profitable. Your company too would need an integrated and an omni channel approach towards Marketing.

The good part is that Digital Marketing companies in UAE do understand this point and would try to act an internal resource to your company.

Some of them would even have a Digital Marketing Consultant (or specialist or expert) station at your office for a good period to ensure that there is a good alignment between your company and the agency.


While we leave you at this and we really hope that while making a decision you would surely think of these factors and choose an agency that perfectly matches your company’s need for Digital Marketing in UAE.


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  1. very optimal and realistic feature about digital marketing agency services. Gives clear insight into choosing a digital marketing partner especially for a startup business, who not even defined a marketing strategy.

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