Article Marketing for SEO

Using an article marketing strategy is a common technique among successful webmasters who want to build a buzz around a particular website. Utilising this type of strategy has the potential to improve search engine rankings, as it helps with inbound linking efforts for a site. It can also play a role in making a webmaster appear to be an expert in a particular niche or field. Here are a few of the benefits of using article marketing to promote a website.

An Article Marketing Expert

One of the biggest benefits of using article marketing is that it can help establish an individual as an authority in a particular field. By writing helpful articles that are distributed to wide audiences, an individual can position himself as a leader in his chosen subject area. For example, if an individual is promoting a site about stock investing, he can write several helpful articles about this topic and then submit them to article directories. When enough people read these articles, they will start to think of this individual as an expert in investments. Then when these investors need advice or products that can help them invest in the stock market, they will be more likely to seek out this individual for help and recommendations.

Increase Inbound Links

In the area of search engine optimisation, webmasters know that they have to get plenty of inbound links from other sites pointing to their own sites. This is one of the most important factors that search engines look at when coming up with the search engine rankings for a particular keyword. If a site has a large number of inbound links pointing from quality sites, they will be much more likely to rank higher in the search engines.
Writing quality articles and distributing them to directories and other blogs can be a good way to generate links for a site. When another webmaster comes across one of these articles and likes what he sees, he may publish the article in his own newsletter or on his site. As part of the process of publishing the article, the webmaster includes a link back to the article writer’s site. If the article is distributed widely enough, it could generate many different back links for the article writer.

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Generate Traffic Using Article Marketing

Although many people use article marketing as a way to increase search engine rankings by getting more back links, they can also be useful for generating direct traffic. When an article is submitted to one of the major article directory sites, it can receive quite a large number of views over its life. The article directories allow the author to include a link to his own site at the end of the article or in the body. When a reader clicks on this link, he’ll be taken to the author’s website. When an article is popular, it can generate quite a bit of traffic directly from the article directory site.
While article marketing is not the only method that should be used when promoting a site, it can be a powerful tool to use for any webmaster looking to increase traffic.

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