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Welcome to OnDxb! We have been asked quite a lot of times by companies in UAE on why should I choose OnDxb as my partner for my business or brand or website.

The answer is we want YOU to SUCCEED in SEO & Digital Marketing. Plain & Simple!

And we know that while spending Thousands of Dirhams can get you immediate ranking in Google (well never be too sure about that as well), it can never get you stable rankings.

Google’s algorithm are changing faster than ever. If you see the latest trends about Google in the Google Webmaster Video sessions on YouTube, you will clearly understand that none of what many Digital Marketing companies and SEO agencies in UAE provide really ever would work.

So.. How Do I Do SEO in UAE? How Does OnDxb Help Me in Digital Marketing?

Our way of approaching the goal of ranking your website is totally different. We have a step by step approach that essentially captures the juice in Search Engine Optimisation, prepare ground for Social Media Platforms and an omnichannel Digital Marketing Strategy for companies in UAE.

seo in uae step by step guide
Infographics on SEO in UAE & Digital Marketing in UAE


Start with On Site SEO: 

People often in a hurry to start their ranking forget to check the basics. On Site SEO is a must to ensure that your website is optimized with Meta, Title, Content, URL Structures, Crawl errors, Page Speed etc. We will take you step by step on how to ensure that each of these parameters are 100% complied.

Keyword Research: 

Remember this. You CANNOT get ranked for anything and everything. When we analysed websites and business in Dubai & Abu Dhabi we saw a clear mismatch between keyword selection and the ultimate aim of the business. Selecting Right Keywords is as important as sharing your new product to the world.

Content Strategy: Well everyone wants their users and customers to engage with them but very few would really make an effort to craft content that is RELEVANT and ENGAGING for their users.

“ What’s harm could few words do to me? ’

If you ask us, content can make you or break you. Relevancy is the key. Forget the old school tactics of keyword stuffing. It just doesn’t work anymore and if any Digital Marketing agency in Dubai or Abu Dhabi says it still does then we suggest you should quickly collect your laptop and walk off. Content strategy is a big big part in Google’s Algorithm.

Remember that Content is the very reason that Search Engine was created.

Backlinks & Local SEO: Once we have set the context in place, it is time we move on to the part of creating Backlinks and the need to create a localised strategy for your company page or website to rank in local searches.

Bakclinking is the part most people tend to lure you into. The hype created around backlinks is such that people tend to forget the previous 3 steps and go all out in creating backlinks. This is BAD Strategy and will invite a huge penalty from Google. You can jump start to read on How to Improve SEO in Dubai through Super Safe Backlinks

Digital Marketing: Last but not the least start building Social Media presence and avoid cheap tactics of flooding irrelevant content in Social Media. If you want Real Customers then you need to create Real Content. Social Media may not be factored in directly during search engine rankings but Google takes into account the trust depicted by Social Media. Every single like, tweet, +1, follow, and comment counts indirectly in making search engines believe that your website is worthy to users.

We always say to companies  seeking SEO in UAE that it is you who should control the remote to your destiny. Hence before you spend 1000’s of Dirhams and Dollars make sure you know SEO & Digital Marketing in and out. Don’t let anyone sell you sugar coated packages to boost your rankings or social traffic.

Create Real Strategies & Gain Real Customers.


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